103.I CAN'T GO FOR THAT _ Daryl Hall & John Oates
I CAN'T GO FOR THAT #1:82/01/30(1wk.)

104.CENTERFOLD _ J. Geils Band
OCHITA TENSHI[Fallen Angel] #1:82/02/06-82/03/13(6wks.)

105.I LOVE ROCK'N ROLL _ Jaon Jett & the Blackhearts
I LOVE ROCK'N ROLL #1:82/03/20-82/05/01(7wks.)

106.CHARIOTS OF FIRE _ Vangelis
CHAROITS OF FIRE #1:82/05/08(1wk.)

107.EBONY AND IVORY _ Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder
EBONY AND IVORY #1:82/05/15-82/06/26(7wks.)

108.DON'T YOU WANT ME _ Human League
AI NO NOKORIBI[Rest Fire of the Love] #1:82/07/03-82/07/17(3wks.)

109.EYE OF THE TIGER _ Survivor
EYE OF THE TIGER #1:82/07/24-82/08/28(6wks.)

110.ABRACADABRA _ Steve Miller Band
ABRACADABRA #1:82/09/04,82/09/25(2wks.)

111.HARD TO SAY I'M SORRY _ Chicago
SUNAONI NARENAKUTE[Can't Be Gently] #1:82/09/11-82/09/18(2wks.)

112.JACK AND DIANE _ John Cougar
JACK & DIANE #1:82/10/02-82/10/23(4wks.)

113.WHO CAN IT BE NOW? _ Men At Work
KNOCK WA YONAKANI[Knock at night] #1:82/10/30(1wk.)

114.UP WHERE WE BELONG _ Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes
AI TO SEISHUN NO TABIDACHI[Departure of the Love and the Youth] #1:82/11/06-82/11/20(3wks.)

115.TRULY _ Lionel Richie
TRULY #1:82/11/27-82/12/04(2wks.)

116.MICKEY _ Toni Basil
MICKEY #1:82/12/11(1wk.)

117.MANEATER _ Daryl Hall & John Oates
MANEATER #1:82/12/18-83/01/08(4wks.)


OPEN ARMS _ Journey
OPEN ARMS #2:82/02/27-82/04/03(6wks.) (No.1 in CASH BOX/Reocord World/Radio & Records)

THAT GIRL _ Stevie Wonder
THAT GIRL #4:82/03/20-82/04/03(3wks.) (No.1 in CASH BOX)

ROSANNA #2:82/07/03-82/07/31(5wks.) (No.1 in Radio & Records)

GLORIA _ Laura Branigan
GLORIA #2:82/11/27-82/12/11(3wks.) (No.1 in CASH BOX)

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